Disparat International - ein Performance Abend

Imme Bode  (D) Alice de Visscher (BE) KONGRETA  (A) Monica Klingler (CH) Andrea Saemann (CH) Johanna Tatzgern  (A) Betty Wimmer  (A) KATRINamuri WÖLGER  (A) Sula Zimmerberger  (A)

Opening                 Friday, 29. September, 19 - 22h
flat1                        U-Bahn-Bogen 6–7, 1060 Wien

very disparate...
experimenting tongue-stories
in preparation of tongue stories coming up 18 the soonest..
jumping in and trying out a tongue story with milk and honey..


Residency with Felicitas

espace 025rjj
Loupian, France

Samedi 29 avril 2017 à 18h30
Quelle odeur a une maison ? Quelle couleur est un bus ? 
Ces deux artistes hors du commun nous invitent à venir découvrir leur univers de création 
à travers dessins, objets trouvés, installation olfactive…

Rencontre avec un travail singulier et une collaboration atypique qu'explorent Katrin et Félicitas Wölger.



Theertha Performance Platform 2017

a two piece participatory Performance
assistant: Mohammed Riswan

Foto: Warwick Smith

Foto: Mohammed Riswan

thanks  to Theetra Collective, the lottery-man, Mohammed Riswan and

s(h)ame with us

Red Shadow on the Golden Halo

Installation Performance Art

a curatorial project by Ratnabali Kant

All India Fina Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS Gallery), 
1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110001

March 9/10th 2017
Participating Artists:
Bhaskar Hazarika & group, Amitava Adhikari, Smitha Cariappa, 
Katrinamuri & Felicitas Wölger, Mangala Anebermath, Peakash Lakshman, Tapati Chowdhury, 
Dimple B Shah, Chirantan Mukhopodhya, Syed Taufik Riaz & Uma Banerjee

s(h)ame with us

Representation matters.
Disabled Deities, Mad God or Almighty Idiot? 
Being superior and inferior. What is expected? Who teaches you? Conscious or subconscious? Unconscious?
And who is marked by golden halos? Is it good to be marked ? What about being different? What about stigma? 

all Fotos: PIA



1 : 1 live art intervention
@ Spotter live art Party
Linz, 2.3.2017, 8pm - 1 am



@ raw matters
Vienna, Schikaneder
Nov. 21st 2016

Performance: Felicitas & Katrinamuri Wölger


Solo exhibition Katrinamuri, MissTake & Ana Fagri SOLO

@Gemutliches Traumservice
a temporary used artist run space
Max Winter Platz 15
1020 Vienna


PS (Pferdestärke) / HP (Horsepower)

Exhibition @

 Schulgasse 70, 1180 Vienna

Foto: Barbara Horvath

Foto: Barbara Horvath

Romana Brandstätter, Romana Egartner, Katrin Wölger, 
Niclas Anatol, Slobodan Orescanin, Hawy Rahman, Frederick Steinmann 

Vernissage  15.09.2016 um 19.00 
Finissage  29.09.2016 um 19.00 
Duration 16.09.-30.09.2016 


(what) if

@ Performance Biennal Athens
@ The Gallery, Kapsali Bay, Kythera

(Ana Fagri)
Punctiation/ (~ Geomancy / γεωμαντεία) )

i.e.     •••••                                         
         ••                                             ••
         ••••                                          ••
         ••••••••                                    ••                   means: + joy        

the artist and the guest talk about future
the artists makes a list of topics which were talked about

the guest tattoos the artist with the sign regarding her/his future

made possible through