slow-short 12

first shots from the last kharmsing slow-short
with ruth & esther zadow, jakob maché, kw, astrid*walenta and barbara horvath (camera)


Ana Fagri Saves the World, 07/15

Interaction / Interviews in public spaces about suicide and happiness
within the scope of
52 ways to save the world
linz 09
Interviews done by Meri Pakarinen


zwischen - bestandsaufnahme 07/04

07/04 18h, no comment +
open lab curated by AIKO
living installation, LABfactory, Vienna


06/18 performing daniil kharms

unter dem stadtparksteg, vienna 
coll. with a*walenta

dachstein CULT

05/24 - 31
artist in residence: dachstein glacier, austria
co-artist: florian lang
presentation: florian lang, heinz julen, your cousin 
reading: franzobel


the cat

first shots from "the cat"
with a cat, astrid*walenta and barbara horvath (camera)

charmsante miniaturen #10

shooting "the cat" on april 6th
with a cat, a*walenta and b. horvath


PIA, march 23rd, 2009

PIA >>>PostIntellectualism in Art!
 Intellect vs intellectualism!
Avoid explanations!
If you don't know what to do, don't do it!
Focus on implementation!
Go towards haptic experience!
Know history but forget it!


charmsantes³, besuchen, schauen, rotieren, Vienna, 03-03-09

*walenta & wölger serving wodka in public.

presentation of three new videos in three ateliers:
>>frederick steinmann  http://fredericksteinmann.com
>>paul justus lück  http://pauljustuslueck.com
>> sascha zaitseva & roman spiess http://www.allerart.at


charmsante miniaturen 2009, hommage à daniil harms

three new slowshorts by *walenta & wölger

… oder he krakin!
with sascha zaitseva and roman spiess
music: emily smejkal
camera: barbara horvath
dv-pal, 5'58min

… oder zum glück stand 
in seinem zimmer 
eine dezimalwaage.
with paul justus lück
music: maria frodl
camera: barbara horvath
dv-pal, 9'39 min

… oder dramatis personae klar umrissen
with frederick steinmann
music: lukas thöni
camera: barbara horvath
dv-pal, 3'06 min