Your Cousin PIA visits Linz

November 11th
Linz, Austria
squatting the office of cousin George, director of Linz-Tourism

visiting cousin Erich, Vice Mayor of Linz

favorite cousins are coming over for tea..

the city wants to be safe and clean...


performancear o morir, Norogachi, Mexico, April 2011

performance art encounter with performances by

Gustavo Alvarez (Mexico), Julischka Stengele (Germany), Chu Yia Chia (Malaysia/Singapore), katrinamuri (Austria), Randy Gledhill (Canada), 
Joakim Stampe (Sweden), Pancho López (México), Rodolphe-yves Lapointe (Canada), Jean Voguet (France), Basil AlZeri (Palestine/Canada),  Felix Lugo (México), Luisa (México)

and the Raramuris

from now on >>> KATRINAMURI !!!!!!

revolución! perdón! acción! corazón!

1st intervention

2nd intervention

3rd intervention

katrinamuri at "performancear o morir" 2011