FRASQ 2014

Le Generateur, Gentilly/Paris
dans le cadre du
Carte blanche à Dimanche Rouge
Dim 19 oct | 17h 20h

• Intervention "Your cousin PIA in Paris"
• Videoscreening "Kalinka"

Fruit d’une recherche minutieuse sur l’espace qu’il soit social, temporel ou spatial, la pratique de cette artiste installée à Vienne reste ancrée dans une réflexion sur le sens de la réalité ou comment la réalité peut être représentée dans l’art. Par des interventions furtives dans l’espace public, Katrinamuri joue de la relation intime avec l’autre, de l’échange qui unit le performeur et le regard du spectateur.

Avec le soutien du

In Paris I did Nothing - so sorry..... ?

" …he noticed that the free thinkers, the doctrinaires of the bourgeoisie, people who claimed every liberty that they might stifle the opinions of others, were greedy and shameless puritans whom, in education, he esteemed inferior to the corner shoemaker.”

"Ah! but my courage fails me and my heart is sick within me! -"

He cared little for commonly experienced emotions, for everyday associations of ideas, now that the closing of his mind had grown more pronounced, and he allowed access only to the most highly refined sensations, to crises of faith and to violent disorders of the senses.

― Joris-Karl Huysmans, Against Nature
installation prep

Intervention Physical Medium

La Performance qui Perd la Forme

Your cousin PIA - principle of embarrassment

What should I do? What should I have done?
Where is my trace? What is real? Where does reality begin?
What for?

The inconvenience of expectation

Don't expect, don't wait, don't ask, be.

What a b what a b what a beauty
What a b what a b what a a
What a beauty beauty be
What a beauty beauty be
What a beauty beauty beauty be be be
What a be what a b what a beauty
What a b what a b what a a
What a be be be be be
What a be be be be be
What a be be be be be be be a beauty be be be
What a beauty.

Kurt Schwitters "Die Schwindlige"

With Kalinka I would have sat down and peeled boiled eggs with you, asking you why you would be in Paris, if you had ever thought about moving, if you could imagine to move to Gentilly and so on… but she was trapped inside the Video...

with the help of


Dourgouti Island Hotel

preparing keystories @ "Hilton"


Foto: Gerald Harringer

was designed for "Dourgouti Island Hotel", a project about urban solitude, a neighborhood festival, which intended to bring together time and people, a two-day outdoors local creative-works festival on three adjacent places. The festival included theatre, dance, exhibition, walks, music all inspired by the yesterday, today or tomorrow of the neighborhood.

a participatory performance in two parts
> Live in the area.
> Find intangible treasures such as a remembrance, a story, a look, a glance, an encounter. 
> Mark the territory.

keys on a pigeon-defense-skirt
> brushwood on head
> handing out keys

>would you mind to be my friend for a second?
>may my friend take a picture of us?

This intervention will be continued throughout several places in 2015/2016.

Dourgouti Island Hotel is an ohi pezoume performing arts / UrbanDig Project initiative.  Part of its activities are under Hotel Obscura, an EU Culture project between the company and Mezzanine Spectacle (FR), Triage (AU), Die Fabrikanten (AT).


Song of Myself or (M)Other

@ imagetanz 2014 
Festival for Choreography, Performance and Care
14. + 15. 03. 2014, 20h
brut im Konzerthaus, Lothringerstrasse 20, 1030 Wien

Am Nachmittag um 5 Uhr, wenn die Liebe vergeht und der Faschismus beginnt (G. Lorca) ist das Andere zugeschnitten worden auf eine Negation, auf das Andere zu einem Selben, auf das Andere zu einem Eigenen …
(Angelika Seppi)

Denken oder nicht denken? Und wie? Was? Am I crazy? Was dann?
Ein Mutter und Tochter Versuch…
Und außerdem: Österreich hat noch immer nicht die UN-Konvention über die Menschenrechte von Menschen mit Behinderungen, die es 2008 ratizifiert hat, umgesetzt. Frechheit!

Performance: Felicitas Wölger, Katrinamuri
Angelika Seppi (philosophische Begleitung)
Elisabeth Laister (Übersetzung)
Mitarbeit: Katharina Wölger
Produktion: brut Wien & Katrinamuri




Arbeit in Auslage

with Babsi Daum and Astrid*Walenta

Molkereistr. /Stuwerstr., Wien2
Vernissage 26.1.2014,
Exhibition 27.1. - 9.3.2014 24/7

window 1 Fenstersprünge
window 1 Fenstersprünge, Detail

window2 Fenstersprung, Detail