Dourgouti Island Hotel

preparing keystories @ "Hilton"


Foto: Gerald Harringer

was designed for "Dourgouti Island Hotel", a project about urban solitude, a neighborhood festival, which intended to bring together time and people, a two-day outdoors local creative-works festival on three adjacent places. The festival included theatre, dance, exhibition, walks, music all inspired by the yesterday, today or tomorrow of the neighborhood.

a participatory performance in two parts
> Live in the area.
> Find intangible treasures such as a remembrance, a story, a look, a glance, an encounter. 
> Mark the territory.

keys on a pigeon-defense-skirt
> brushwood on head
> handing out keys

>would you mind to be my friend for a second?
>may my friend take a picture of us?

This intervention will be continued throughout several places in 2015/2016.

Dourgouti Island Hotel is an ohi pezoume performing arts / UrbanDig Project initiative.  Part of its activities are under Hotel Obscura, an EU Culture project between the company and Mezzanine Spectacle (FR), Triage (AU), Die Fabrikanten (AT).