Massiaru Officinalis

Artist Residency, Estonia
with Felicitas Woelger

Massia is a platform for any individual or group, artists, scientists, political activists, etc. that want to think change radically – whether this concerns the arts, politics, education, prisons, hospitals, society, economy.
Massia aims to be a platform for experimentation, for taking risks with one‘s own work or with needs that cover a bigger ambition than only for oneself.
Massia stresses the notions of self-organisation and autonomy in a hospitable and easily accessible building in order to survive prosperously in the absence of authority and surveillance. 

Massia Officinale: a platform for
herbal medicine & wild food practice and education: for all knowledge levels, from the curious to the professional…
herbal research for medicine, botany, social and natural sciences, arts...
entanglements (existing & yet to come) with other discourses & practices…
engaged with ecologies in the Anthropocene…
experimentation with herbs …


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No Labels No Walls !

Majansali, Oodi Library, Festival, Helsinki 09/23/19
somom - the challenge
with Felicitas Woelger

The message of No Labels No Walls is, that separation is never equal and what we do have in common is more powerful than what separates us. All of the labels and walls we create, cause inequity and prevent true equality from happening. This is why the groups’ founders, Kukunori and The Strindberg Laboratory, have brought together diverse organizations and individuals to form this movement in hope of creating a world with No Labels No Walls!
The network consists of Finnish and International organizations, NGOs and individuals who share our beliefs and need to collaborate. Through the diversity of the members of our network, we hope to create a more equitable and inclusive way of working.

No Labels No Walls Festival took place at Oodi Central Library and Loukko Center of Subcultures on the 23rd of September and at Caisa Cultural Center on the 24th of September.
The festival presented multidisciplinary art and culture performances, craft and art workshops, discussions about citizenship, equality and participation, change design workshops and many more spectacles..

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installations trouvés

somewhere lost in time 


a participatory performance and performing arts event taking place every 3 months in another part of Vienna...

Vienna, Jedlesee, September 18th and 19th 2019

Guides: Stephanie Schmiderer, Katrin Wölger    

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