Wild camping 2021

Uitgeest, NL
August 2021

Wildkamperen 2021 is an outdoor art event for which 20 artists from across the Netherlands will create works on the theme of 'Shelter'. The works of art enter into a relationship with the special historical location of the Kunstgenieloods and Fort aan den Ham and sometimes literally offer shelter from the elements that have free rein in the open landscape.

artists: Margo van der Pool, Kinga Wieczorek, Gea Koopman, Vincent van Oss, Ellen van Putten, Erik Sok, Petra Fenijn, Tjeerd Steenhuis, Arnold Quanjer, Katrin Woelger, Jantine Hos, Marc Volger, Willem Moeselaar, Ingrid Roos, Katrine van Klaveren, Mirjam Voets & Mart Bakker, Laura van Dijk, Carla de Graaf, Francis Mulder, Alice Pool.

Installation "Shelter" 

Material August 2021, Art Genieloods, Busch en Dam 13 1911 MS Uitgeest (52.5020546, 4.7356533): Sambucus Nigra, Fargesia, Salix, Acer, Carpinus, Urtica, Artemisia, Valeriana, Phragmites, Solanum, Cardboard, paper, rubber, plastic, metal

The installation consists entirely of materials found on site, mainly plants. While the elderberry supports the scaffolding from below, nettles and mugwort cover the structure by extending their roots upwards. Reed and valerian are interwoven with nightshade to form a loose surface. Boviste and charcoal sponges have been collected. Will the roof hold? Are we visible invisible or invisible visible? How much effort is there in effortlessness and can we play in it?


 last Foto: Laura Van Dijk

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