Alliance Française Kumasi, Ghana
August 27th 2021

perfocraZe International Artist Residency [pIAR] in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise Kumasi presents "or·ga·nis·mus"'  highlighting the end of 2021 artist residency. The exhibition brings together works of 15 international artists in collaboration with some Ghanaian artists.


‘or·ga·nis·mus’ unveils the processes, experimentations, experiences, researches and the investigation from the various artists in Residency 2021 whose works predominantly explore the subjects of humanity, cultural hybridity, rituals, regeneration, mortality, birth, healing and the body as a poetic space. It proposes to demystify the sociocultural complexities and colonial constructs that imprison ‘our bodies’, divide us and endanger our coexistence as humans. The artists in this exhibition also question the possibilities of deconstructing and decolonizing ‘the human’ in a way that may offer alternatives to freedom and liberation for each individual within such a complex organic and inorganic system.


Their curiosites and creative processes investigate and reexamine the ideas of interdependency and the autonomy of our body in relation to ‘otherness’ and aliens. While some of the artists create rituals that may reconnect us to the earth and the cosmic void, others intimately develop and explore relationships between the human body, technology, cyborg, sounds and electronic system as an evolution and rituals of imagining the matrix.

Curated/Text by Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT)


Anthony R. Green (Netherlands), Wanda Gala (USA), Lena Czerniawska (Poland), Emilio Gordoa (México),Martin Toloku (Ghana), Rez Inyanzi (South Africa), Mireia Perez Rodriguez (Spain), Sarah Ama Duah (Germany), Katrin & Felicitas Woelger (Austria), Kathryn Fischer (Germany), Johannes Gerard (Netherlands), Josephine Kuuire (Ghana), Eryka Dellenbach (USA)