Hotel Obscura, Vienna, Austria

Foto: Magdalena Blaszcuk
Foto: Magdalena Blaszcuk

PIA (she is related to everyone) invited Hotel Obscura guests who were waiting in the Magdas HOTEL salon (Vienna) to a visit in her shelter, whether a museum director or an asylum-seeker, she introduced herself as cousin PIA. In the shelter she offered self-made schnapps (which she distilled live at the shelter) and a talk about her and your family. The shelter has been built by PIA herself in the hotel courtyard, by using found objects from the neighborhood.

Hotel Obscura Austria was a one-to-one Live Art project by Die Fabrikanten in cooperation with  urbanize! Festival and international partners and artists.
The artists: Club Real (DE/AT), Alix Denambride (FR), SILK Fluegge (AT), Deborah Hazler (AT), Patrik Huber (AT), Martha Laschkolnig und Markus Zett (AT) , Brian Lobel (GB), Veronika Merklein (DE/AT), Mandy Romero (GB), Mario Sinnhofer (AT), Chris Swoon (AT), Elise Terranova (AU), Time´s Up (AT),  Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (AU), Katharina Wawrik (AT), Your Cousin PIA (AT), Rea Zekkou (GR).