on time 1and 2 and 3

at Dourgouti Island Hotel, Urban Dig
part of Hotel Obscura,
Athens, Greece, October 2015

on time .

listening to the past, greeting the presence and taking care of the future...

Interaction on a given place ("the arch" - "the place") in Neos Kosmos, Athens
to a given sound (installation by Dimitris Vergados)

on time 1 was a collaboration with ducks and audience
while people were listening to the sound about water and the history of the neighborhood they were invited to take care and watch the little ducks.
Foto: Rea Zekkou

Foto: Irina Vosgerau

Foto: Rea Zekkou
on time 2
after residents of the house complained about the action in front of their doorway, we had to move out of the arch - this did not make sense for me and the ducks,
so I was working on circles as the initial sign of/for a city and invited the people to listen to the sound, look at the area and play tag with me.
Foto: Rea Zekkou

Foto: Rea Zekkou

Foto: Rea Zekkou

Foto: Rea Zekkou

Foto: Rea Zekkou
on time 3
was performed by Rea Zekkou after we had made a mutual concept;
the people were invited to follow the water, to find their way along the way of the water and listen to the sound in a car, on a tree and biside the ditch...
on the tree were Cousin Pia's (my) golden shoes, which she had left with Rea one year ago.

Foto: Maria Toultsa