Mantel 1 OMG!

Mensch! OMG! 
In August 2016 I installed my first fur coat in nature, brought it back and left it to the animals and critters - in the middle of the forest. I have now visited and documented it in more than 25 hikes. I left it to nature and forbade myself to touch it again. In August 2022, it was wonderfully sunken into the landscape and overgrown with moss. I wanted to capture this with a better camera and drove 237 km to it, overusing my car in the process, and had to discover that a creature - it must have been a human - had torn the last remnants of the wool out of the earth and hung it up. why? overbearing sense of order or for fun? what does that tell me? what is the point? Perhaps this is proof that man is the most unpredictable animal of all.

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