photo graz 020

Altes Kino Leibnitz

Bahnhofstrasse 16

8430 Leibnitz 

20 June - 21 August 2021

works @ the exhibition:
"Sans-Culottes. Resilience1", CRANElab in Prieuré de Vausse, F, 14 July 2018.
Documenting a performance as an experimental photographic work in its own right.
The artist wears an action-cam during the performance, which captures/documents the movement and the view from the inside to the outside.
The gaze of the camera is thrown towards the audience with flashing lights. During the performance the space is explored.

"Dip" or "Deathdrop" are figures that come from the repertoire Vogue Fem.
(The dancer drops as dramatically as possible in one movement).
"Vogue is a bit superficial because you are judged by your outward appearance," dancer and dance teacher Archie Burnett said in 2014. "But if you have nothing else, no job, no money, and you don't mean anything to society - you fake it to make it."
Felicitas falls - Katrin photographs, an extension of their performance collaboration.